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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Newcastle DraughtKeg....

Details are slim, but word on the street is Newcastle will soon be available in DraughtKeg form! And it even says on the keg that it's Beer Tender compatible!

Awesome doesn't even come close to describing this. Also, this cannot be available to me soon enough. Get on it, Newcastle!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shopping in Shanghai....

This is what shopping in Shanghai is like. Only without the spoken english.

Pictures of really shopping in Shanghai coming soon!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kenny Powers is coming back....

Pretty stoked to find out today that HBO was smart enough to pick up Eastbound & Down for another season.

Hopefully the second season will be a lot more than 6 episodes, but at least this is a start.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This show needs to get made....

After having been sent the video for this, I must admit, it totally blew my mind. It's like it's Metal Gear Solid 4 crossed with Usagi Yojimbo. All awesome.

I'm not sure, but I think I like the American title, "Apocalypse Meow" better than the original. This needs to be released ASAP.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ichiro is the champ....


Things like this just make me laugh when people talk about trying to trade him away and how he's a clubhouse cancer.

What a bunch of crap. Ichiro is the best. Ichiro!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is why Americans want to go to Eurpoe....

Because it's a mystical land full of Ferraris!

Google Maps has all the goodness here.

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Dammit, AIG....

I've been trying to just put my head in the sand over the whole AIG situation (them being $170B in the red), but their latest snafu with about $165M worth of bonus pay is just stupid.

In case you hadn't heard, they just lost $61.7B last quarter. Which is very stupid.

There are perfectly decent legal grounds for paying out the bonuses, which I understand. What I don't understand is how AIG didn't put something into those folks' contracts that said something to the effect of "if we lose more money in a quarter than any company ever has, you don't get bonuses." That seems pretty simple to me. On top of that, they should have tried to make some blanket amendment which says "look, man, you're lucky to have a job right now, you're not getting your bonus since you don't deserve it."

This is all on top of the fact that most people can't understand how a company pays bonuses to anybody if they're in the red. Much less hundreds of billions of dollars in the red.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look, man, just make the trade....

So even though it's March, I'm ready for Fantasy Football. That's probably because of my DOMINATING performance last year, but more so probably because I'm too competitive for my own good.

I've been intrigued recently by the Jay Cutler drama going on in Denver. That guy is one whiny baby. He needs to grow up and figure out that this is a business. Today ESPN is reporting that the conference call the Broncos had with Cutler exacerbated the "problems" they have. I think Bill Williamson's source is quite obviously Cutler's agent, but the problem is, they missed their opportunity for a trade. So what is he hoping to accomplish?

The Pats are stupid for not making the three-team deal involving Tampa Bay and Denver, moving Cutler to TB, Cassel to DEN, and NE getting a bunch of picks. With them passing on that trade, I think there's a new Belichick-hate-me drama brewing with Josh Daniels in Denver (like there was/is with Mangini). I don't see how the Pats give up a much better deal to let Cassel and Vrabel go for a 2nd round pick. But, Belichick has his pic taken with Marky Mark, so I can't say much bad about him.

What I'm saying is that Cassel is a better QB, and Cutler should be happy that he still has his job in Denver. I've got Cassel on my team, along with Brady, and I think that it'd almost be in my best interest to keep both of them. Talk about loaded. I've got the last pick in the draft, thanks to: crushing my enemies, seeing them driven before me, and hearing the lamentation of their women; but even with that my team is looking awesome.

LT is staying with San Diego. I think it's a good move for the team, but I think that LT may end up wishing he had left. AJ Smith obviously doesn't like or respect LT, and I they'll continue to shift the offense away from LT. Which is dumb, and not just because I have LT on my fantasy team. He's the engine that drives their offense, and they're going from a V12 (LT) to an I-4 (Rivers and his collection of bad WRs). Obviously they don't know that LT's better is better than your better.

If I keep Cassel and Brady, I should be able to avoid the Culpeppocalypse too. That'd be nice.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Master and Commander....

The pic says it all.

Ichiro recently philosophized about how baseball is like Dragon Quest. His quote, as interpreted by Brian Ashcraft was,
In Dragon Quest tension increases, and you get stronger, right? It was like that.

I think he was talking about their Olympics loss to Korea increasing tension, but maybe he was talking about kicking the collective asses of the Koreans 14-2. The next game they lost to the Koreans 1-0, and with that loss came out of the Group A in second place. Japan is still my pick to win the WBC.

Maybe if the Mariners stopped whining about Ichiro making them all look bad, and listened to him more, they too could beat teams 14-2.

As far as the movie reference, I saw that movie opening night at the Cinerama, and I hated it. Why do people like Master and Commander? Do I need to give it another chance?

(Pic credit)

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dropping knowledge....

So my recent IE problem got me wondering, "how many visitors use IE?"

The answer: 30%.

I can't say that I'm all that surprised by the result. I forget exact marketshare numbers, but I think IE has something like 90% marketshare. With the dedicated readership my blog has, most of that segment of the readership is technologically savvy, so they're on the Firefox/something else better than IE bandwagon. I was surprised to see that only 4% of viewers use Safari/Chrome. I need to write more Mac articles I guess (or Apple needs to bring their sky-high prices down).

Over the course of the last month, my #1 article is one I put together 2.5 years ago, which has a picture of a Lamborghini balanced on some tea cups. Folks love the classics.

#2 article is one I put together on my bitchin' Oakley Large Roller Bag (Khaki Tiger Camo, thank you very much). I've been meaning to put out some more thoughts and info on that specific bag, since it's awesome.

One of the ideas I've been toying around with lately is starting up a Twitter feed. I've seen a cool Twitter widget, so I could get the Twitter posts (tweets) to show up here on the blog, and my phone could totally tweet with the best of 'em.

The problem I have with Twitter is that I still don't know if I really see the value. When I put something up on this blog, I try to either make it visually appealing (often including a video link) or I try to put together a string of thoughts that exceeds 140 characters, which hopefully contains some nuanced thoughts and decent grammar. I'm not sure how much of that I would lose with Twitter. There are times when I have trouble keeping text messages to 160 characters. On top of that, due to the nature of my work I can't post anything work related, so weekdays on my Twitter feed might be fairly uneventful.

But with the pending Mariners season, along with movie season, and some other stuff which might be happening soon, it seems like maybe I could make a Twitter feed work. Speaking of summer movie season, does the March release of Watchmen count as the beginning of the Summer movie season for this year? I know that we're less than a month away from Fast and Furious' release day (can you say "counting down the days?" I thought you could) and it just seems like Hollywood is getting the party started earlier and earlier every year.

So yeah, maybe some Twitter coming soon. Maybe not.

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Sorry to IE users....

I don't use Internet Explorer, and I just noticed that I've got strike through on my whole damn blog.

I'm trying to fix it, but for some reason it's not working.

If it continues, feel free to switch to Firefox or Google Chrome, where it's not a problem.

Edit: All better. I sure do hate IE. Also added links for the better browsers. Really, if you're still using IE, and you can switch to something else, you need to do so.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Developers want digital distribution, and I do too....

I've read many stories in the last six months or so about how developers feel as though used game sales are hurting them. I saw another one just today.

They are wrong, and that's fine. The developers' solution is simple, digital/online distribution. If you buy the game online, you can't trade it in at GameStop, or even Toys R Us.

Of course they forget that they'd put thousands of people out of work by doing this (what is GameStop going to sell? Genesis games? Actually, that'd be awesome, but that's not the point), and the number of people who could buy games would decrease. On top of that, it's a different shopping experience to go online and purchase a game than it is to pick one up while you are in a store (especially if you didn't go to the store specifically to buy the game). Anyways, I don't want to get into the arguments against digital distribution. The developers are wrong, and that's fine.

I want the industry to switch to digital distribution. Why? Because I'll finally have a good reason to stop buying and playing videogames.

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I think that 90% of online-distributed-for-a-fee content is a complete ripoff and is horribly overpriced. $20 for the Watchmen game?! $15 for Braid?! $15 for Street Fighter II HD Remix?! $30 for Tekken 5?! Don't even get me started on the pillaging that is Guitar Hero and Rockband track pricing. That crap is so expensive, not only has it propped up the gaming industry, but the music industry is relying on it to stay alive!

It's so rare that online games are well priced, much less worth what the companies are charging for them. I will say that there are exceptions. Bionic Commando: Rearmed was incredible, and only $10, which was totally appropriate. Wipeout HD, while overpriced at $20, is an excellent game. These games are exceptions to the rule, and that's why I want companies to move to digital distribution. Why would I pay their stupid prices anymore? I wouldn't have anything to show for it, and games would never go down in price. It's a racket, and I think it's hilarious that these gaming companies think that it'll work for them. They're making analogies to iTunes, and that's great, but what they're forgetting is that iTunes is a better value than shopping in the store. I can get just the tracks that I want, or I can get whole albums for less than I can get them for in stores. With online game sales, I'm paying as much, or more, than I would for the game in its physical state, and there is no value-ad.

And of course there's the micro-transaction piece of this whole puzzle. I think it's totally awesome that my $80 Street Fighter IV game is incomplete. For only an additional $20, that is, an increase of 33% over the already-too-high MSRP for just the game by itself, I can have the costumes which should have shipped with the game. Yay! Crap like that is rampant throughout the industry, and wouldn't get any better with a shift to digital distribution.

So I reiterate my stance; I agree with the developers that gaming companies should move to digital distribution as soon as possible. That will finally allow me to stop spending inane amounts of money on videogames. Money that I could be putting to better uses, such as: my hot car, hot women, booze, baseball, another "B", international travel, and other stuff.

This digital revolution can't come soon enough. Please, evil videogame companies, do it for me. My life would be so much better without your product! I could finally have a chance to go outside and see the sun!

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Two words....

Mariners Monday. What a great idea that is.

Tonight was the April 7, 2000 game, aka "Welcome to Seattle, Mike Cameron!" It's always nice to see outfield defense. It'll be nice to see that again this year. Aside from Ichiro trying to defend all of the outfield (and getting blocked far too often by Raul), I forgot what that looked like.

I miss the classic Mariners teams. I mean, look back at the roster for 2001 or 2000 (sans Pay-Roid) or 1995. We had the best manager in modern baseball history. We had Sasaki as our closer! Larry Bowa was our Third Base Coach! Of course, that was supposed to happen again last year, but didn't thanks to Joe "we know him as A-Fraud" Torre. We had guys like Gipson, McLemore, and David Bell. And Edgar. We just don't have guys like that anymore. Maybe if we win this year, we'll look back at some of the guys that we have now similar to how we look back at the guys on those classic teams.

Of course we do still have the best player around, Ichiro. As long as he's around, baseball in Seattle is a beautiful thing.

I'm ready for baseball season now. Right now. In case you hadn't heard, the Mariners are undefeated in Cactus League play.

Two outs? So what! Sodo Mojo! Who let the dogs out?

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lincecum is the new....

Tim Lincecum, the UW baseball superstar who set a Pac-10 record for strikeouts, but was NOT drafted by the hometown Mariners when they had the opportunity, just signed a deal for $650,000 with the Giants. This is right after winning the Cy Young award. If you don't know what that is, it's the award given to the best pitcher in their respective league. To put this in perspective, the Mariners are paying Carlos Silva, one of the worst pitchers in baseball last year, $12m this year. That's $12,000,000.00. Twelve with six zeroes behind it, plus the two after the decimal point.

The Mariners drafted Brandon Morrow instead of Lincecum. I can't come up with a comparable screw up. I wanted to title the post, "Lincecum is the new Omar" but I don't think that even comes close to correctly being analogous. Maybe the Titans drafting Kevin Dyson instead of Randy Moss during the 1998 NFL Draft comes close.

Look, Morrow is good. But you know what he isn't? Cy Young good. He's also not a UW alumni. While I'm sure the Seahawks' management could talk your ear off about how it's not a good idea to draft someone just because they're a local talent, I don't think they could say "that guy was the best when he was in college, and it's a good thing you passed on him in the draft." Morrow did not set a Pac-10 record for strikeouts, Lincecum did.

I know perfectly well why they didn't draft Lincecum; it's because of concerns over his throwing motion and his long-term viability in the league. So if you were to have asked me before the 2006 MLB draft, "would you rather have a home-grown guy who throws hard, and gets outs, but might not last 20 years with your team, or would you rather take a dude who played against said home-grown talent, wasn't as good, but may last a bit longer." I would have taken the homegrown guy. On top of that, the home team could have made the homegrown guy the first ever baseball player from the UW taken in the first round of the draft, but didn't take that honor upon themselves, they passed it onto someone else. I don't know if it was Hargrove, Bavasi, or Fontaine (or for that matter, Armstrong or Lincoln) who didn't want us to take Lincecum, but whoever it was made a big mistake. For that matter, I would have taken Andrew Miller before Morrow, but not before Lincecum. Maybe if I had blogged about that back then, the Mariners' front office could have read it and known the correct course of action to take. So maybe in a roundabout way this is all my fault.

Do you know how many Mariners have won the Cy Young award? Just one, Randy Johnson. His closest company in that regard is Roger Clemens, if that tells you anything about what I think of that. To have had a local kid, who dominated for the local University, come to the local team and dominate Major League Baseball then win the Cy Young would have been awesome, and would have been something to motivate fans to attend games, instead of having to do PR stunts like signing Griffey. On top of that, we'd arguably have the best top 3 in baseball (Felix, Lincecum, Bedard), and one of the best top 3s baseball has seen in a long time.

But no, we don't have that. We do have about $270k extra dollars, the difference in the amount we are paying Morrow over what we could be paying Lincecum. We also have the indignation of managing to lose 101 games last year.

Maybe Lincecum is waiting for his free agency period so he can sign here, assuming our management at the time is smart enough to make the deal (which will cost substantially more than it would have had we drafted him and had him here now). We can only hope.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I missed the posting for this job....

I guess I missed the listing for this job. It must have been worded incorrectly or something.

It should have said something to the effect of "drive bitchin' new car around closed Las Vegas streets, in the company of SI Swimsuit models." Had the job listing said that, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have missed it.

I can't complain too much though. My life is just like this, only with a 350Z (instead of the 370) and in Seattle (instead of Vegas).

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Vince DiCola's new song for the new Transformers film (RotF)....

Over on the TDRS Forum, they've posted an MP3 of a new song from Vince DiCola (Transformers, Rocky IV, etc) that Vince is hoping will be part of the soundtrack for the new Transformers film. The song is titled "Bound and Gaged" and features vocals from Rick Livingstone.

I was surprised to see the song pop up, mostly since DiCola hasn't done much high profile work in some time. They're hoping for fans (read: me) to post the song and try to drum up some grassroots support to help get the song included. I'm happy to help. In my opinion, the song isn't bad, and the strength of Mr. DiCola's resume alone should be enough to get it included on Revenge of the Fallen.

Have a listen here.

For those wondering, yes I have seen the RotF trailer. I intentionally did not watch the one during the Super Bowl, but I saw it when I watched Friday the 13th. Trailer looks good, but I've never wavered on the fact that I'm seeing the movie, so I wish that they'd stop showing me stuff from it. I'm going to see it either way.

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