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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I was going to post this a few days ago, but I held off until I received official word on the matter.

According to, the Cinerama will not be showing Episode III in digital. I've joked about this for some time, but this news I think corroborates my idea; some employees were screwing around in the projector room and they broke the digital projector. What other explanation can there be for this affront to the fans?! Off the top of my head, the last movie the Cinerama digitally projected was Episode II.

According to my sources, the digital projector at the Cinerama actually IS broken! I received an email from the Cinerama today stating "Cinerama does not currently have the capability to screen films in digital format. We will run Star Wars in 35mm format."

My explanation was a joke, but it seems to be ironically and sadly true. When the Cinerama first had their digital projector installed (for Episode II), it was big news, and it seemed like it would further elevate the Cinerama's elite status. Unfortunately, it seems that the digital projector was too much for the employees there to handle, which is unfortunate. It's unfortunate for movie fans, the employees, and the theater/company.

Keeping with the movie theme today, the New York Times has a funny article today, about the recent streak of poor weekends at the box office. The main thing that I took away from the article is that the people interviewed (and presumably the rest of Hollywood) just don't understand that 2004-present has been the worst time for movies in recent memory. While I got a kick out of Torque, it's pretty bad when that film is arguably the best movie in a year, and it came out the first week of the year!! I had thought that XXX: State of the Union or at least Kingdom of Heaven would have righted the ship, but they haven't. I am willing to go on record saying "I would be extraordinarily surprised if Episode III is not awesome." And hopefully Episode III will be the turning point, and movies will start being enjoyable again.


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