Booze, Baseball, and another "B"

Sunday, June 05, 2005


No, I don't mean automotive clutch.

No, I don't mean to grab something.

Somebody over at Webster's needs to put this guy's pic in their dictionary next to the word "clutch." Hansen's game winner was awesome. Of course, it shouldn't probably have ended up being the game winner, but it was still very cool.

Iron Chef Morimoto made an appearance at Saturday's Mariners game, which was really cool. Up to that point the Ms had provided about as much entertainment as Miyamoto did by simply being shown on the Real One Video Screen (not taking anything away from Raul, just saying that the M's are not hitting well at all).

I think that someone with the club finally got the memo that games need to be fun. The Mariners did a very good job last night of trying to get the crowd pumped up (which they haven't done at all since 2003, argubably 2002), and I think that it certainly helped the club win last night's game. Many pro players will tell you that having the crowd in the game helps them out. Last night the Mariners had the music going, the clip from Hoosiers going (which they have been doing lately), and it ended up getting the crowd pumped up. It works to both make the game a lot more fun to be at, and in this instance especially, may very well have helped the team win.

My throat still hurts from when Hansen hit the game winner. Too much yelling. :(


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