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Monday, June 27, 2005

eBay musings

Here is an interesting article that popped up on Yahoo today about eBay, its future, and its competitors.

I was talking about this just the other day; eBay has become so big (around 2,000 listings per second) and it has become so difficult to both find and sell things on eBay, it's time that competitors really started popping up and making good efforts to gain some market share. Yahoo and Amazon have had auction sites for some time now, but they've never really come off as cutting into eBay's domination of the market.

One thing that I think would help eBay (and would be incredibly difficult to do) is to start policing auctions and getting a lot of the fake auctions, and items which don't belong, off the site. That won't happen anytime soon, but I think that it would certainly make eBay a better place to shop.


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