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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Not too far off...

EB Games (whom I have a special relationship with) must be reading my blog. They've finally rolled out their X Box bundles, and I wasn't too far off.

Their bundle (which is of course, subject to change, since nothing is officially coming out whatever day the X Box 360 launches, other than the hardware) is:

  • XBox 360 Premium System
  • Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Edition
  • Dead or Alive 4
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Project Gotham Racer 3
  • Extra Wireless Controller
  • Play & Charge Kit (for extra controller)
  • Rechargable Battery pack (for included controller)
The total? $699.92 Not too far off from what I anticipated, though they're requiring more to purchase than I had thought they would. Another thing which interests me is the Play & Charge Kit and the Rechargable Battery pack. They aren't clear as to whether or not these are official Mircosoft-brand accessories, or if they're 3rd party (which is what I suspect they are). This would be in line with the launch of the Game Boy Advance (and I believe the PSP), where EB required 3rd party accessories to be purchased in the bundle (because the margin on them is extremely high).

What's funny about this set up is that it completely negates Microsoft's reason for the $299 core system (so they can say they have their system available for under $300). I also think that it's funny since it's a ton of money, and gamers don't get to choose their games. It's also funny since there's no launch date, much less a title line up. And I also think that it's hilarious that games are going to be priced @ $60.


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