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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ask and you shall receive...

I was talking about this a couple years ago, and it has finally come together.

I'm very happy that it's coming, and I plan on buying it, but I wonder how much better it will be than the current Winstar (or Wellspring, or Fox Lorber, or whatever they were calling themselves at the time) release?

Special features look really good, but with the new subtitle translation (usually Criterion's new sub translations on Japanese films are done by Linda Hoaglund, and I don't think that her translations are accurate enough. Mind you they aren't entirely WRONG, but I don't believe that she does a good job capturing the essence of the script with her translations), it's yet another reason to keep the old one.

The extra featuring Kurosawa's paintings I am really looking forward to. I thought that the booklet included with Kagemusha was one of the best parts of that release. Kurosawa's paintings are incredible, and I can't wait to see what Criterion does with this piece. I remember the first time I came across his paintings, I was talking with an art professor of mine about how Kurosawa was such an amazing director, and she brought in a book that was made up of a bunch of the paintings that Kurosawa had done for Ran. Simply incredible work; pure genius.

In a time of declining DVD sales (caused by a constant stream of re-releases and new releases of garbage films), it's nice to see that at least one re-release should REALLY be worth purchasing again.


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