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Monday, September 19, 2005

Big news...maybe....

North Korea announced today that they are willing to give up their nuclear weapons programs, in exchange for: economic and energy aid, and security assurances.

If this turns out to be true, it is not only a huge win for the Bush Administration, but the International Community and for the citizens of North Korea. The North Korean nuclear dilemma has been a favorite topic of mine for some time now, and this announcement has really grabbed my interest.

People involved with the process, and President Bush, are remaining cautiously optimistic, as they should be. There is little in the way of history to suggest that North Korea will honestly follow through with their claims. That being said, just to get a concession like this is a huge step. On top of that, I think that one must give major credit to the Bush Administration for continuing to stick to the six-party talks. Had John Kerry been elected, he said in the Presidential debates that he was perfectly willing to negotiate one-on-one with North Korea, which I felt was a big mistake. If this concession holds, and North Korea sticks to its word, then this is a huge victory for the Bush Administration (and would very much cause people to need to take a serious look at Missile Defense, and the lack of its usefulness).

One big reason to NOT be happy or optimistic about this announcement is that it comes almost three entire years after it was first announced (October 2002) that North Korea had a covert nuclear weapons program. There is little reason to think that over the course of the last three years the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea, in case you didn't know) has not been working very hard to produce a hidden facility where they could continue their nuclear weapons production. And as before, even with IAEA inspectors living in the country, it doesn't mean that the UN or anyone else will be able to find it.

Except much more on this topic to come.


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