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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't be such a tease....

Here's some "news" I got a good laugh out of.

Over at Gamespot's Rumor Control, they examined whether or not Peter Jackson, the director of Bad Taste and some other movies, was going to be directing the Halo movie.

It seems that in the forums on a German-language Uwe Boll fan site, someone posted that Uwe Boll was not directing the film (which at that time he was listed by the IMDB as the director), but that Bungie had selected Peter Jackson to be the director.

Turns out that the person was a fake, however Uwe Boll is not directing the Halo movie. I'd say that news is almost as good as the news that Peter Jackson was the director (even though that part of it was fake).

Thankfully, someone either at Microsoft, Bungie, Fox, or Universal was intelligent enough to NOT sign Boll up to direct Halo. You'd think that these execs would notice that even videogame fans hate his movies; he can't even get an American fan site, his is GERMAN! Boll was selected to direct the Dungeon Siege film (a game published by Microsoft, developed by Gas Powered Games), so there's some logic behind making him the director of another MS published game.
I think that it's interesting that news (however false) of Boll directing Halo didn't get out faster. IMDB is often accurate with their listings, and you'd think that news like that would spread fast. Of course, that could explain why the HSX stock for Halo is doing fairly poorly.

I won't rehash Gamespot's write-up on the subject, but even I am forced to admit that a Halo film directed by Peter Jackson not only would be amazing, but it makes sense too. Hopefully someone gets this idea into the right head over at Fox, Universal, Microsoft, and Bungie, and who knows...maybe it just could happen.

At least they've steered the ship clear of Boll; next obstacle: Paul Anderson!


  • As I post far too often, an Uwe link:

    My favorite is still his wiki link:

    Yes, that's right, the reason behind his continual assignment to motion pictures that receive a theatrical release is that he is part of an elaborate, and obscure, German tax law that allows investors to reap tax-free dividends from films that perform badly. Not that a film version of House of the Dead could necessarily do well.

    But it does provide greater insight... and I can't see HOW someone like Boll could EVER be connected with a project with any level of interest even close to that of Halo. Nuts.

    By Anonymous brett, at 9/20/2005 11:57 PM  

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