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Friday, September 02, 2005

Not that this is really news...

The University of Washington is ranked #45 on US's ranking of America's Best Colleges 2006 (usually these rankings come out while kids are figuring out which college to go to, not heading off to start college).

Washington State University ranked #120.

Go Dawgs.

Their endowment would be bigger if they could get me a decent job. As it is, I ain't givin' them $#!T.

More funny info: the undergrad body at Harvard is just about the size of a couple of my classes at the U. UPENN, #4 on the list, has four times the endowment of the University of Washington. Northwestern has a slightly larger endowment than the UW, and their tuition is 6 times as much.

What does it all mean? We all still get to pay taxes and die.


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