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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Two from USA Today...

Here's a nice article about the looming gas crisis. I'm not 100% sold on the notion that there will be a gas crisis, but there is certainly a situation, and hopefully it does not continue to get out of hand.

If I was more motivated, I would put links to some of the articles where various analysts and economists say that the current gas price hike won't have an effect on the economy. The nice thing about those people making those claims, it's that those claims are based on their own personal lives. When you make a six or seven (or more) figure salary, gas being priced at $4 per gallon isn't going to hurt you. When you make $30,000 or less, you really take it in the pants. As the above linked article points out, companies are going to start taking it in the pants, which will then result in consumers feeling even more of a crunch.

Another article from USA Today, one which I thought was a good read since focus has really been diverted from this issue, is one on rising health costs, again a situation with no solution in sight. And, just like gas, it's the majority of the public, and the poor even more so, who take it in the pants on this. And just like the gas problem, it's affecting companies too, who don't like to see costs from insurance cut into their bottom line.

What is the solution? You'll have to hire me as a consultant to find out.


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