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Friday, October 14, 2005

Advent calendar...

For some reason there's a confusion about when Final Fantasy: Advent Children is coming out here in the US.

The film recently came out in Japan, and people had been thinking that it was coming out this week here in the US. I don't know where people were getting this information, since SquareEnix has been saying for some time that Advent Children isn't coming to the US until who-knows-when. All I can guess is that there was some website out there that was not updating their release information so as to get more people to pre-order the DVD (which is not an uncommon tactic).

In an article yesterday, GameSpot tells us that Advent Children has been doing very well in Japan, and that there have been sales in excess of 700,000 copies. They also take the "below the belt" route, and detail the failure of the excellent Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within film. I wasn't really sure why they put the bit in about TSW, since everyone knows the film was a box-office flop and that it really bit Square in the butt. But the information is still in there.

The article is notable since it also reiterates "no final US release plans have been announced yet." That quote is attributed to American SquareEnix representatives.


From what I've read, the film is very good. And from the parts of the soundtrack I have listened to, it sounds good (and makes me want to play FFVII again). So, on top of the fact that it's related to Final Fantasy 7 (making it a must-own in the first place), to read that the movie is good and to enjoy the soundtrack, the wait for this one is pretty tough.

SquareEnix know that Advent Children is going to sell well regardless of when it comes out. Maybe they're hoping to have their holiday 05 sales boosted by Romancing SaGa and Dragon Quest VIII? Normally I would expect this to be out in time for the Christmas season, but it's a little late for that now; it is still possible, but pretty unlikely. I think this is looking more like a January-February timeframe for release.


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