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Monday, October 17, 2005

Block rockin' beats...

EA has announced the soundtrack lineup for Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and it looks like their EA Trax people may have another hit on their hands.

If you aren't familiar with EA Trax, it's a partnership between EA and major record labels to get popular (and not popular) songs into games. Their track record has been a little spotty; they've had some great efforts (Need for Speed: Underground) and some terrible efforts (Burnout 3) and lots in between.

One of the advantages that EA Trax offers is some exclusive songs. For Most Wanted, they seem to have pulled off some very interesting combos, including The Roots teaming up with BT, and a Timo Maas remix of Jamiroquai. Should make for some excellent music to run from the police to. Unfortunately they've also included a song from The Prodigy's most recent (and most awful) album on the soundtrack. Hopefully they'll give gamers the option to take some songs out of the playlist.

Along with the licensed music, there will also be a score for the game, from Bruckheimer-fav, Paul Linford.


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