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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From Russia, with Love....

Interested in what is happening in Russia, and US relations with Russia?

No? Well, you should be. Russia is #2 in GDP growth behind China (for major countries, smaller countries do rank higher in real growth % rate, such as Iraq). On top of that, Russia is quickly expanding their oil holdings, and with those, their control over not just the Caucasus region, but Western Europe and, to some degree, the US. And of course, they have more nukes than we do, and they're not sufficiently protected.

I highly recommend checking out The Center for Strategic & International Studies Program's "Program on New Approaches to Russian Security" (PONARS) site. It is full of papers by leading academics from the West and Russia dealing with a range of topics related to Russia. Everything from reasons to get rid of Putin, to what President Bush should say to Putin, to Nonproliferation, and much more.

One piece of information you won't find on the PONARS site today, Russia has lost control of one of their satellites. "Goldeneye," you ask? No, apparently this one is (maybe more accurately, was) for monitoring weather and the earth's surface.

Uh huh.


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