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Monday, October 03, 2005

How to downsize your vice squad...

In a shocking display of non-liberalism, the Seattle City Council today voted to outlaw strip clubs in Seattle.

Technically they did not outlaw the strip clubs, they just made them completely obsolete.

Under the new laws enacted by the city council today, strip clubs in Seattle may no longer offer lap dances, the dancers may no longer touch patrons and vice versa, patrons will have to put tips into a money jar for the dancers, there can be no private rooms, dancers must keep four feet of space between them and the patron, and to top it all off the strip clubs must maintain "parking garage brightness" lighting levels (I've seen that phrase used multiple times in conjunction with this issue, so I'm assuming there's some collective knowledge about how bright parking garages are, knowledge I don't share with the collective).

The cause for this? The mayor of Seattle was worried that there would be a rash of new strip clubs opened due to a court striking down a moratorium on new strip clubs in the city. One of the alternatives put forward, which was ignored, was to enact zoning restrictions to keep any new strip clubs away from: schools, homes, and churches. Instead of trying to compromise on the issue, the city council went the draconian route.

I find it utterly amazing the Seattle City Council did this. On top of wanting to build some sort of mass transit system that: costs too much, won't work, nobody understands, and won't be finished, the City Council goes Gestapo on the citizens of the city and tells them they can't go to strip clubs anymore. Seattle is a very liberal city, and as such it does not make sense for them to go around telling people what to do and what not to do (now including going to strip clubs). I think that this new legislation will probably spur the development of new strip clubs in the areas outlying Seattle, but even then it's terrible that the government is stepping in and running peoples' lives, and also ruining the lives of the dancers.

This just goes to further the claim I made back in November, Washington is really a red state.


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