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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"I need space"...

In not shocking, but maybe disappointing, news from Safeco Field today, Mariners pitching coach Bryan Price, and hitting coach Don Baylor both resigned from their duties for the Mariners.

Price has been with the organization for more than 18 years, and said that he needed a new start and to get away from his comfort zone. Baylor is leaving to pursue open manager vacancies (on top of the fact that if he didn't leave, he probably would not have been asked to come back). I think that Price is also looking to pursue a manager job, and may be angry at the Mariners for not making him the manager. Back when Bob Melvin was hired, there was some talk about the organization considering Price, but opting to not select him due to his lack of experience. Then they selected Melvin. Then Melvin was given the boot, and Mike Hargrove was brought in very quickly (I don't even remember him getting an interview). Perhaps they should have considered one of their own? Had Price done this two or three years ago, it would have been front page news in Seattle, and definitely front page ESPN news. As it is now, this news didn't even make the news headlines on ESPN's MLB page. :(

For Mariners fans who've been crying in their beers, Art Thiel points out that the Mariners are still in the playoffs.


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