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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?....

Following up a request for more info on US-India relations, I found this Reuters piece interesting.

Being the single place that can most accurately be described as a "nuclear flashpoint," I do find the idea of helping India grow their nuclear program to be a little kooky; and apparently I'm not the only one. Senators from both sides of the aisle have expressed their concern over this deal, probably at least in part spurred by the fact that the administration did not consult with them before going ahead with putting the deal together. Or maybe it's because India isn't a signatory of the NPT.

Why push the deal without talking much with the legislative branch? Probably a big part of it has to do with China's cooperation with India. The US is losing influence everywhere, and India (for many reasons: outsourced cheap jobs, nuclear power, huge population, expanding military, and more) is a place of particular importance, so keeping good relations is important. But to give them nuclear technology just so we can continue to send jobs over there? I don't think it's a great idea.

On top of that, the separation of Indian military and civilian nuclear programs will be verified and enforced how? Is the CIA going to tell us that it's happened? Pakistani intelligence? "Do I need to tell you what the f*@# you can do with an aluminum tube? Aluminum!"

While I do support keeping the US an important ally to other major countries, to simply give nuclear technology to nations just to make them happy doesn't make a lot of sense, particularly a country that has a hostile nuclear neighbor, who also hasn't separated their civilian and military nuclear programs.


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