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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More money is coming your way....

At least, that's what Hewitt Associates wants you to think.

In Yahoo Finance's finance quiz today, they ask "how large of a raise can the average salaried employee expect this year?" The choices they give: 5.2%, 3.6%, 1.3%, and "no raise." Quiz respondents answered: 5.2 = 6%, 3.6 = 51%, 1.3 = 36%, no raise = 9%.

The correct answer, according to the quiz? Workers can expect a 3.6% raise.

So why is this noteworthy? Because the "average salaried workers" who are going to get raises that high are the same people who are not only answering the quiz, but deciding how much they (themselves) will be getting.

This quiz is trying, poorly, to be scientific, and failing miserably. Asking people what average workers will get, and those people responding with what they will be giving themselves, isn't a sound answer.

For the people who are getting +3.6% more on their checks, it's not like that's even going to cover their increased fuel costs from this year.


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