Booze, Baseball, and another "B"

Monday, October 10, 2005

NL = yes, AL = NO...

The Angels beat the Yankees tonight in game 5, meaning they get to advance to the ALCS to play against the Chicago White Sox. That means, I completely messed up on my American League picks. Boooo. CHI took down the Red Sox like they weren't there. Not only did the White Sox pitching do well, but their hitters kept up their end of the bargain too. Good stuff. As for the Yanks losing, I messed up the pick, but in the grand scheme of things, it is for the best. And if you're rooting for them, you probably aren't even really a baseball fan, so what do you care?

The NL, on the other hand, went exactly as I said. I am expecting a great NLCS from the Cards and the Astros. I think that the ALCS might be interesting also, but it's not nearly as interesting as it would have been if it was BOS v NYY.

If your bookie is coming for you tomorrow for all of the money you lost on the AL series, don't come whining to me!


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