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Friday, October 21, 2005

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas....

After stumbling across this quiz, I have been informed that for me a move to sunny Las Vegas would be optimal.

American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Las Vegas

55% Austin

55% Denver

55% Honolulu

55% Miami

Hmmm. While I'm totally down with the gambling, and American Casino ranks with the WPT and WSOP as one of my favorite TV shows, I must admit that I hadn't given a move to Vegas a whole lot of thought. According to this quiz, it's the BIG winner.

Austin?! Fat chance.
Denver? I could see that.
Honolulu? Maybe, but not really likely (too many tourists for my taste).
Miami? I am a Heat fan, and I think I could deal with the South Beach lifestyle for a while, but not long term.

I figured Seattle would rank really high, if not the top choice. I wonder if it's even included in the list of possible cities.

And of course, none of these places is a good spot for baseball, so that pretty much aces them out.


  • The only way seattle shows up at the top (or even on the list) is if you say you're a culturally devoid xenophobe who wants to live around only white people in a place with no sunshine and is obsessed with physical fitness.

    Personally, i don't understand a single aspect of that assessment (except for maybe the fitness part). Apparently, according to these assholes, Seattle has no restaurants or culture of honorable mention, but Vegas does.

    By Anonymous brett, at 10/22/2005 1:09 PM  

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