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Monday, November 28, 2005


Did you get all your holiday shopping done this last weekend? Of course you didn't! Did you have to put up with: excessive traffic, angry people, terrible parking, and frustrated store staff when you went shopping? You probably did.

Did you consider purchasing an HDTV this last weekend? They're really coming down in price, especially now that bargain manufacturers are starting to get in on the game (I had an article to link for this, but I lost it). Did you look at a TV without an HD tuner and say, "gosh, I'd really like to buy this, but I'm worried that it doesn't have a built in tuner. I think I'll pass?" Well, worry about your tuner no more! You don't even need to worry about buying an HDTV, the government will pay for your current TV to get a converter box! The House has voted to set aside $830 million to pay for getting people converter boxes for their analog tvs! In this time of economic turmoil, war (in multiple theaters), and disaster recovery, I think the last thing the government needs to be springing for is converter boxes so everyone can make the switch to HDTV in a couple of years. Maybe I'm alone on this one, I don't know.

I had been planning a big article highlighting various negatives concerning the Xbox 360, but I don't want people to get the wrong idea here (which some people have been telling me they have). I am by no means anti-Microsoft (at least as it pertains to console gaming). I own an Xbox, and I fully expect to own an Xbox 360 somewhere down the road. My gripes with the system mainly stem from a financial point of view; that is, the system is too expensive, the games are too expensive, and there are no must-buy (particularly at $60) games. So I decided against putting that article up, and scrapped it. I think this New York Post quote sums it up best: "Don't buy the Xbox 360."

So instead of anti-360 stuff, I thought I'd drop a nice piece I came across on the PR Web newswire.

Are you afraid of the US Military starting a war with aliens? It happened in War of the Worlds and Independence Day, so it must be something we need to worry about in real life, right? A former Canadian Minister of Defense thinks so. He has asked Canadian Parliament to hold hearings on exopolitics, that is, interstellar relations. As in, relations with extraterrestrials.

And you thought your neighbor across the street was crazy!


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