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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Armistice Day....

Yes, I know that today is not Armistice Day, I just felt like titling the entry that. It's really "Veterans' Weekend" here in the US, as many people spend the whole time commemorating the brave sacrifice of soldiers, past and present, who've served to protect the freedoms we enjoy today.

As is the custom around here, I celebrated the holiday with a fine selection of war films. I had planned on a Band of Brothers marathon, but ended up going the movie route instead. I was able to take in:
  • The Big Red One: The Reconstruction
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • Three Kings
Odd list, eh?

I had wanted to take in viewings of The Thin Red Line and Patton during the weekend, but I was thwarted in my attempts. I had also had hoped to purchase MGM/Sony's new special edition DVD release of A Bridge Too Far, but after finding out that the new disk uses the same transfer as the old DVD release (probably the ugliest anamorphic DVD I have watched), I couldn't justify the purchase.

The news that MGM/Sony screwed up this release was pretty disheartening and surprising; it wasn't that long ago that MGM put out excellent special editions of both The Great Escape (another film I had considered watching over the Veterans' Day weekend) and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, both of which were commissioned around the same time as the new special editions of Battle of Britain and A Bridge Too Far (along with rumored SEs of A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More). For them to rehash a terrible transfer, originally from 1998 near the origin of the DVD format, for what is supposed to be an otherwise excellent special edition, is unfortunate.

I had considered putting together, over the weekend, an article about anti-Irish discrimination in the workplace ("Irish Need Not Apply"), along with an article delving into Generation Y in the work place and the generational gap that exists. After putting work into both projects however, I decided that they didn't really fit the tone of this blog right now, and I decided to shelve them for the time being. Maybe they'll come back later on, maybe not.

In other weekend update news, 50 Cent's new film, Get Rich or Die Tryin' did not do as well as expected, and Chicken Little did much better than expected. Zathura, from Elf director John Favreau, also flopped. Jarhead saw a pretty sizable decline in revenues, even though it was Veterans' Day weekend. The Weinstein Company has got itself off to a solid start, with Derailed coming in at #3 on the weekend charts.

And in Mariners news, Kenji Kojima, catcher for the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, was in Seattle on Friday to check out the town, meet with Mariners officials, and try to get a feel for the amount of interest the team has in him. Reportedly, Bill Bavasi and the team have interest in him, but don't want to pay too much to get him. Problems the team could run into include: overpaying for someone who doesn't perform, health trouble (he's coming off a broken leg), being unfamiliar with both the pitchers and the hitters in the MLB, and communication problems with the pitchers and coaching staff. All in all, he's an intriguing prospect, but not a sure fire hit. With the way Bavasi has been running the ship, I don't think that it's very likely the M's will sign Kojima.

And happily for all of us, Young Buck didn't try to kill anybody at the Vibe Awards this weekend, and Mariah Carey cleaned up... at the awards I mean.


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