Booze, Baseball, and another "B"

Monday, November 14, 2005


If you've been to a Mariners game where either the Texas Rangers (01-03) or Yankees (04-present) are visiting, you're familiar with the title of this article.

Pay-rod today was given yet another AL MVP award, for reasons most people just can't understand. Is it because he's paid too much? Is it because he runs around in illegal gambling establishments? Is it because he helped his team LOSE in the playoffs?

I can tell you it can't be because the Yankees made the playoffs. If anyone gets that credit, it's Joe Torre, Jason Giambi, and maybe Gary Sheffield. Hell, Nomar Garciaparra was more deserving, he saved two women from drowning!

Maybe it's because the voters seem to have some sort of bias against the DH. Regardless, David Ortiz was much more deserving of the award, as was Vladimir Guerrero.

Once again, the media has rewarded the epitome of what's bad with sports for being bad for the game. Pay-rod isn't liked by his teammates (as evidenced by his war of words with various Boston players last offseason, where not one Yankee was willing to step up to his defense), isn't liked by any fans other than Yankee fans and media analysts (who only see numbers on paper). To reward Pay-rod, again, for hurting his team makes the MVP award a farce.

Next thing you know, Pay-rod is going to be saying that MLB needs instant replay.


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