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Monday, November 14, 2005

Do you feel lucky, punk?....

Well, DO YA?!

According to this AP report, Pennsylvania is considering allowing hunters in the state to start using Atlatls to hunt animals with, much the same as prehistoric humans did.

Is this a good idea?

Being someone who has both hunted, and used an atlatl, I can't really say that I endorse this idea. In case you are unaware of what an atlatl is, it's a weapon system of ancient design, which uses what essentially amount to two sticks to hunt with. One stick is the part of the weapon you grab, the other works as the projectile. The projectile can travel as fast as 80 mph, and as such it can make an effective killing weapon.

So, what's the issue? The issue is how the atlatl works. There is no sight on the weapon, it's essentially a system where you throw the projectile. The "dart" sits on top of the part you grip, and with a throwing motion, you propel the dart forward off the grip piece. This can of course cause wild inaccuracy, resulting in anything from a miss, to not hitting the right spot (thus not killing the animal quickly), to potentially hitting something or someone else entirely.

I do understand that there are a group of people dedicated to using this weapon, and are probably much better than the average person in its usage. That being said, who says they are experts? Themselves! To have people running around the countryside, using an ancient weapon that is as powerful as a handgun, without any formal training or other testing, doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

The core issue here is that PA is in need of boosting state revenues. As mentioned in the article, it's a way to increase hunter revenue. There aren't many states that allow the use of an atlatl during the hunting season, so to be on that exclusive list can bring tourist money (people going on hunting trips).

They'd be better off just raising their gas taxes. They'd get more money out of that. And if they don't think the voters would agree with a tax raise, just try to scare them by making them believe their roads and bridges are going to fall apart and kill them and their children in a grotesque and painful manner (and if you can COINCIDENTLY have a rockslide just before election day, that'd be great too!).


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