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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mariners roundup....

Catching up on recent Mariners news: Ichiro won his fifth MLB Gold Glove, Dave Niehaus is again up for consideration of the Ford Frick Hall of Fame award, Tacoma Rainiers pitching coach Rafael Chaves has been named Mariners pitching coach, Tacoma Rainers manager Dan Rohn has been named administrative coach for the Mariners, and former Royals hitting coach Jeff Pentland has been named the Mariners hitting coach.


  • The Gold Glove for right field should be titled in honor of Ichiro; I wouldn't be surprised if this happens when he retires. He's not only a lock for the Gold Glove every year, there's nobody else who deserves it more than him.
  • Dave Niehaus really deserves this award! He deserves to take his rightful place in the MLB Hall of Fame. Vote here.
  • Rafael Chaves as Mariners pitching coach? I figure they have to be making this move because they want the guys they bring up from AAA to be comfortable in the majors (same coach, a little consistency for them), but I don't know if it's a good move or a bad move.
  • Jeff Pentland just took one of the least-wanted jobs in the majors. Good luck to him (I'll be happy if us fans aren't raking him over the coals come June).
  • Dan Rohn being summoned from Tacoma? I don't think this move is a great one. Maybe they're getting him ready to take over for Hargrove, I don't know. He's brought a lot of success to Tacoma, and I think that if he was happy there then there's no reason to move him. It also may have been a move to try to prevent him from going to another organization.
In terrible news, ex-GM Pat Gillick has apparently taken the Phillies GM job. Great news for Phillies fans, terrible news for Mariners fans. I can't say that I'm high on Bill Bavasi, and losing the guidance of Gillick will probably hurt.

The Mariners declined options on Shigetoshi Hasegawa and Pokey Reese. Reese was no surprise, and Hasegawa isn't a big surprise. I'm hoping they can bring back Hasegawa at a lower salary. As for Reese, he didn't play with the team the whole year, what is there to say?! He's always had really bad injury trouble, and with him losing an entire year (when he was brought in to shore up shortstop), his value isn't so high.

News should be coming tomorrow that the Mariners have reached a new deal with Eddie Guardado. If the news is he's still been left hanging, you can assume my approval rating for Bill Bavasi has dropped to -17.


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