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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Shake and Bake....

After a quick glance at the headlines on Yahoo's frontpage, I was somewhat bemused to find an article where people are apparently decrying the use of white phosphorus rounds in battles with insurgents in Iraq.

While I do agree that it's possible that civilians could potentially be hurt with the use of these rounds, it's not like we're talking about DU (depleted uranium) rounds here.

Using WP rounds to get insurgent fighters out of areas where HE (high explosive) rounds can't get to them makes abundant sense. It's not nice, but killing never is. Essentially, this is pretty much the same tactic used by the Marines in the Pacific Theater in WWII against dug in Japanese fighters. There is was flamethrowers, here it's a round that explodes into flame. The pricipal is the same, burn the people out of their holes, forcing them out into the open where US firepower is most likely going to win the fight.

Anyone who's played MGS3 is familiar with the effects of a WP round. As illustrated in the attached picture, the round explodes into a large, lethal, ball of flame which efficiently takes out enemy combatants and provides a diversion for troop movements.


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