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Monday, December 19, 2005

The champ is...there?....

In a big surprise move, Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso, has decided to switch teams and move over to McLaren Mercedes in 2007.

I personally think it's a really lame move. With the switch to V8 engines this year, nobody knows who is going to do well and who won't. Also in 2007 all teams are going to be running Bridgestones, which could also have an impact on some teams more than others. Renault (Alonso's current team and the team he won the championship with) weren't expected to be the champs at this time last year, but they were able to adapt to rule changes better than anyone else and win the title. There's no reason to believe that McLaren is a better option than Renault, the team that brought Alonso into F1. McLaren also recently stole Vodafone, one of Ferrari's main sponsors, for the 2007 season.

Alonso's move also puts the future of McLaren's two current drivers in jeopardy. The contracts for both Kimi Raikonen and Juan Pablo Montoya expire at the end of 2006. With as well as Raikonen did last year, I'm sure that they will prefer to retain him, which would leave Montoya (my favorite driver) without a ride. Both Raikonen and Montoya, over the years, have been linked with moves to Ferrari, but that would all depend on what Michael Schumacher decides to do. Neither driver is known to be keen on backing up the six-time world champ, and Schumacher still thinks he has what it takes to be world champ again. Maybe if he has another losing season he'll decide to hang it up, allowing for another driver to take over at Ferrari, but there's been no indication that is the case.

Taking all of this into account, I didn't think that Juan Pablo Montoya's move to McLaren from BMW Williams was a good move, and that turned out to work ok for him. He was hurt this year, but didn't do worse than he has in the past. BMW ended up actually leaving Williams and throwing them into a lurch, so Montoya made the right move.

In other F1 news, the 2006 schedule is now available. Yes, the USGP is still on there, but I'm not sure they should have even bothered, after what happened in 2005.


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