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Friday, December 09, 2005


Word on the street is that Sega's PS2 musical-shooter REZ is possibly getting re-released (via Dugged!).

If I didn't already own the game, I'd say that this is great news. REZ is one of those games that nobody bought when it came out, and Sega didn't make a whole lot of them when it was released. And like how many of these games go, not long after it went out of print, people started figuring out that REZ is an amazing game, and they wanted it.

Where do you go when you can't buy something via retail? eBay of course! At one point in time, I believe that the price for REZ was around $100, but it didn't stay that high for long. More recently (for some time now), REZ has been going for around $55 (a range of $50-74 really).

The same thing happened with Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and Xenogears. All of them were out of print, and then came back into print (with SPF2 and Xenogears, it's possible that companies just stumbled across cases of them in the warehouse, but the consensus at the time was a small re-issue run, FF Tactics became a Greatest Hits title). And with all of those titles, the value of the games were diminished by the re-issue.

Yes, one could make a case for me being an asshole; I don't want great games re-issued because they aren't worth as much. As much as I enjoy videogaming, I also enjoy the collecting of videogames. Like any other collectible, there are items that are rarer than others, making them more desirable. In the case of these games, they aren't just less common, but they're really good games! Of course, there are times when the collecting of games does get on my nerves. Looking tonight on eBay for Snatcher (Sega CD), that game is going for lots of money. Same thing for Streets of Rage 3 (and none of the currently listed ones are complete!). They always have and probably will continue to do so. Sometimes you just have to pay to play.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play my (MINT) US copy of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for the Saturn. Then maybe I'll play it on the PlayStation, just for kicks. And to top the night off, maybe I'll pop in the Dreamcast version for good measure.


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