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Friday, December 23, 2005

Hulk Smash....

CNN is reporting that truck thieves in Venezuela stole a vehicle containing a (un-named) "device" which had Iridium-192 inside.

"What's Iridium-192," you ask? It's radioactive material that emits gamma radiation! According to the CDC, Ir-192 can: increase risk for cancer, cause burns, acute radiation sickness, and death.

For those not up on your Marvel Folklore (or Eric Bana movies), Gamma Rays are what changed Bruce (in the TV show "David") Banner into The Incredible Hulk. Big green guys running around in an oil-rich state run by a guy who dislikes the president? Sounds like a recipe for trouble.

Hmmm, misplaced nuclear materials. I was watching The Peacemaker last night; what a coincidence.


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