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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Input King....

After being asked some questions about my idea of "high-end" versions of game consoles, I became even more interested in the topic, and decided that I should really dig into this one.

While taking time to formulate my plan of action, I came to the conclusion that I should come at this topic from multiple angles.

First off, I wanted to take a look at console design history, and see if there was a precedent for this sort of idea. Are there examples in the past of console companies letting other companies take the basics for their hardware and: upgrade, alter, re-brand, or otherwise tinker with game consoles?

Second, I wanted to find out if gamers out there were at all interested in an idea like this. Just because I think this is a good idea, doesn't mean that everyone else out there does. The ESA says that the average game player's age is 30. On top of that, there's a growing push in the industry to move to high-end expensive technologies, such as digital surround sound and high definition video output. Taking those facts under consideration, can we assert that gamers have reached a point where they might pay a premium to get a better version of a console?

Third, I wanted to try to find out if the console manufacturing companies had any interest in this idea. Just because I want it, and maybe other gamers (or even a majority of gamers) want it, doesn't mean that manufacturers would be willing to make these new high-end consoles. Will I be able to get a comment out of these companies?

And finally, put all of the info together! When I get done adding all the pieces together, do we get Devastator, or are we devastated?

I'm going to rollout these blog posts over the course of about a week, so don't forget to check back and see what's happening.

The first post for the series will be: console design history and precedents. Look for it soon!


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