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Thursday, December 22, 2005

JP Top Ten....

As the year draws to a close, many game sites are compiling top 10 lists (with Resident Evil 4 taking most of the votes that I've seen, with good reason).

One of the more interesting Top 10 lists I've come across was Next Generation's "The Year's Ten Best Games in Japan" list. Chock full of stuff that will hopefully come out in the US (which isn't nearly as much of a problem as it used to be), the list makes for a good read.

Coming in at #6 on their list is Senko No Ronde, G.rev's new shooter that right now is only in arcades (Dreamcast Scene has an ongoing petition to get it released on the Dreamcast, which would be FANTASTIC), and has been rumored to be on its way to the Xbox 360 (which is in dire need of SOMETHING; where the best game apparently is...Geometry Wars). The game apparently features a new "orbital" style of gameplay. Not having played it myself, I can't speak either way as to whether or not that's accurate. From what I've read, it sounds to me like the game plays like Zero Gunner 2, and if that's true, then I really hope it comes to the Dreamcast.

As a side note, if you never got yourself a Dreamcast (?!?!), Sega of Japan has announced their intentions to release a special bundle with the newest upcoming Dreamcast release, Radilgy, that includes a Dreamcast. The offer is available from Sega Direct (Sega of Japan's online store), and so far importers haven't seemed too keen on brining them in, but I bet if you looked around you could find one that was. Or maybe if you said "please." I didn't post this info when it was first announced a few days ago, since it was all over the net and I wanted to avoid redundancy, but it's pertinent here.

Further down, at #5 is Sega's Ryu ga Gotoku. With music from Yuzo Koshiro (the genius behind the Streets of Rage soundtracks), his involvement alone makes this title "interesting." Coming from Sega bumps the interest level up a bit more, and when one hears a simple synopsis of the game (running around at night in Japan as a Yakuza, beating the crap out of people), in my book it goes up to "I really want this." It seems the game is a beefed up version of Shenmue, which is not a bad thing. Hopefully the fallout from Take Two's Hot Coffee scandal won't negatively impact this game getting a release stateside. I haven't seen enough to know how similar it is to GTA, but that's really irrelevant. If people want to draw comparisons, then they'll draw the comparisons, whether there's something there or not. It's been a while since Sega has had a hit, and hopefully this game can get the job done for them.

Also on the list are: Shadow of the Colossus (which is available in the states, and is pretty good), "Brain Training for Nintendo DS," and Rogue Galaxy, among others. Many of the games I do believe are headed stateside, but it seems there is always some cool Japanese games that, for whatever reason, nobody ever decides are worth a US release.

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