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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Marching forward....

Panasonic has kicked off production of their 50 GB Blu-ray disks.

What does that mean? It means that there's a small hope for the PS3 to make it out during the spring like Sony says. EA's prez doesn't think that it's going to happen, and neither do I. I can't remember saying that on this blog, but I know in personal conversations about the PS3, I've often told people that I think a fall release is much more likely.

I personally think it would be unfortunate if Sony was to rush a PS3 release, and end up having a release like MS had with the 360. Whether or not that happens, of course remains to be seen. There hasn't been much about what games are going to be available at launch, other than some rumors (and there's no way MGS4 is a launch title), and Sony hasn't said much of anything about their console lately (which is a huge mis-step, they should have tried to take some of the wind out of the 360's sails).

And save your pennies, kids. In case you don't remember, the PS3 is going to have dual HDMI outputs, so now you need to put two Plasma/LCD/DLP monitors on your Christmas list.

That image has been rotated, for those who like their consoles to lie down instead of stand up. Original image from Sony.

I'm not sure why (maybe my look at high-end console history), but I've been getting more and more enthusiastic about the PS3 lately. Maybe it's because I want Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD to get kicked off, or maybe I want Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 to get going; I don't know. Either way, I'm getting more and more restless for this new wave of technology. While it's going to suck for consumers initially (the majority of Americans don't need a new video format, and I'm not
looking forward to dealing with replacing my collection of hundreds of DVDs), it will be fun to have new cool toys.

And remember....

... you aren't going to need much else.


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