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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Movie Roundup....

Miami Vice, Mission Impossible 3, and Poseidon all had trailers hit the net recently. MV and MI:3 are pretty good trailers (though not GREAT), and you should check them out. Poseidon I'm not as high on, but it's a movie I've been waiting for.

The Miami Vice trailer is linked through Bacardi's website (at least it was last night), so you'll have to either be 21 or be smart enough to come up with a fake birthday (making you old enough to drink) to view it.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman trying to be threatening? C'mon. I'll hold off judgment until I see more, but I'm not sold yet.

Tonight I'm going to be taking in an early screening of King Kong, I hope to have some thoughts posted here either really early in the morning (like 0400 PST) or during the day tomorrow. I have extraordinarily high hopes for this film, and I hope to not be disappointed.

The other day I was able to see some footage (dailies) from Kurt Wimmer's upcoming Ultraviolet. It was pretty good stuff; most easily described as a Hong Kong-inspired rooftop shootout, that pretty much puts most Hong Kong stuff to shame. I'm not a Milla Jovovich fan, but I do think Ultraviolet could be very good. If you haven't seen it, watch Equilibrium to get an idea what to expect from Kurt Wimmer. Ultraviolet apparently features an advanced form of GunKata, which I am very much looking forward to seeing.


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