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Monday, December 26, 2005

Obligatory Monday Morning Videogame Console post....

I don't think that on Mondays I post about game consoles with any particular degree of regularity, but that title sounded too good to pass up.

On the Xbox 360 front:
  • Firing Squad has a well put together article pointing out 11 ways in which the 360 could be better. It's intelligent stuff, not fan-boy "Sony r0x0rz!" type drivel, and worth a read.
  • Did you get a 360 for your holiday? A kid in KC didn't. Hid Dad got sick of his shit, so he sold the contents of the Xbox 360 they got him, kept the box, and filled it with coal. Harrrrrrrsh.
  • On EB Games' front page, their Xbox 360 ad reads, "Choose from 8 games!" I'm not joking, that's really what it says. That is the best thing that West Chester could come up with to convince people to pony up for a 360.
  • EB is still listing everyone's most-anticipated-but-not-launched-360-game, Dead or Alive 4, for arrival on 12/28/05. Why bother? Tecmo doesn't NEED to get DoA 4 out before the end of this year, and I don't see why they'd push to do it. I read that they're working on the online aspects of the game, and that they can't quite get them right. Hopefully they don't go Gran Turismo 4 on us and just yank the stuff. It's also extremely unlikely that they could press enough copies in the next DAY to get it out by Wednesday. If it was really coming, warehouses would be seeing it today at the latest.
On the PS3 front:
  • Reports are Unreal Tournament 2007 is going to be a launch title. This doesn't do much for me. UT kinda moved away from what worked for them in the first game and took more of a Quake 3 feel. If I wanted to play Quake, I'd play Quake! I will say that Epic Games rarely disappoints on the graphics front, which always makes a compelling argument for launch games.
  • Ad campaign, "Welcome Change:"
You know you want one.


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