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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yankees sign CF Johnny Damon....

Story here.

As I sit here, trying to keep myself from puking all over my keyboard, I wonder "what ramifications will this move have?"

Comments from various Mariners fans on the net indicate a collective notion that Boston will now be more desperate for Jeremy Reed, thus making them more willing to deal better pitching to get him. I don't think that losing Reed is worth gaining either Clement or Arroyo, but I'm not the Mariners General Manager. Hopefully he doesn't screw it up.

How must Boston fans feel? I know that Damon wasn't always the favorite, but the guy hit well. He fielded like he was an arthritic 57 year old, but he could get on base, which was the most important thing in that lineup. On top of that, he didn't get into trouble, and he was a fun personality. The Red Sox have really taken a nose-dive this offseason; first losing their GM, then their star hitter says he wants to be traded, and now their star center fielder goes to their arch rival, simply because they were too lazy to sign him! If I was Curt Schilling, I'd be wondering if the White Sox couldn't use another pitcher.

More fodder for faux-baseball fans who call themselves Yankees fans to use to say they have the best team ever.

The Mariners let Ryan Franklin go, not offering him salary arbitration. I don't know if it's a good move or a bad one. He's a flyball pitcher that lets way too many flyballs fly out of the park. However, he also pitches 200 innings a year. I would think they could have been able to get at least a minor-leaguer if they would have tried a sign-and-trade.

The Cubs signed Jacque Jones today. Solid move for them.

In an offseason where Ichiro has voiced his displeasure with being the worst team in the AL West, you'd have thought there would be more of a drive to put together a better team.


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