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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blu-Ray musings....

Over at The Digital Bits, they've recently posted the transcript from their interview with Andy Parsons, Senior VP of Pioneer Electronics USA, about Blu-Ray and Pioneer's upcoming BDP-HD1 player.

Of the stuff that was talked about, one of the things I found to be most interesting was the discussion of transfer rates for the two formats. In case you don't know, transfer rate is the amount of information coming off the disk per second. BD apparently spins the disk at 1.5x, giving it a 54 Mbps transfer rate, while HD-DVD is running at 36 Mbps (1x). That's a pretty big difference. According to Mr. Parsons, HDTV broadcasts are sent out at 20 Mbps, so take the best HDTV content you've seen, and think of almost 3 times the quality. Assuming that the studios can get their disks authored right (which is a stretch, think of early DVDs), and the hardware is good too (again, a big stretch, early DVD players are terrible compared to what's been available, for years now, at a fraction of the cost of those original players), you should see some massive improvements in both video and audio quality.

There's also some nice pics of the BDP-HD1.

Check out the interview for more; it's a good read.

On the subject of these upcoming players, I've found that I've recently been making cases for both NOT buying one and for buying one. I'd love to get one of these early players, so I can take full advantage of the new technology, but I also know that these players are going to be quickly surpassed in quality (and by lower-priced units). It's going to be very tough, come summer when these all start coming out, to avoid getting caught up in the hype.

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