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Friday, January 13, 2006

Celluloid send off....

From this AFP article, Nikon has decided to (for the most part) stop making regular film cameras and focus their business on digital cameras.

All but two of their film SLR cameras are being halted, along with all non-digital compacts. They're just going to let the remaining stock sell off, and they aren't making anymore. The two models they're keeping are the F6 and the FM10. They're predicting a rush on the remaining film cams by enthusiasts, and I think they're probably right.

From a business standpoint, this move makes a lot of sense. In terms of high-end digital SLRs, Nikon is one of the leaders, and they make a lot of money off those cameras. For example, the D200 (body only) goes for $1700 at Best Buy; you can't convince me there isn't a LOT of margin in there. But I am a little disappointed that film is going away. I like film cameras a lot, and maybe it's just the nostalgiaist (I think I made a new word) in me, but I'm disappointed to see them go away.

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