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Monday, January 30, 2006

The coolest thing you'll see this week....

Do you have a case of "The Mondays?" I know I don't. But if you do, this should be the perfect solution.

Remember that Japanese, officially-licensed by Marvel, Toei-produced, Spiderman show from 1978? The one with 41 episodes? No?! Well you should. I've been aware of the show for quite sometime, but this is the first time I can remember watching it.

Yes, Spiderman. You know, the tame motorcycle racer, Takuya Yamashiro, who meets a strange alien warrior who grants him spider-powers via a "Spider Bracelet." The same Spider-Bracelet which controlled the "Marveller," Spiderman's own personal giant robot (which also housed the Spider-Machine GP-7)!

Peter Parker? Whatever.

Here's the first episode, complete with fansubs (which are accurate a majority of the time, but really are more for laughs). Complete with eyecatches even! Easily the coolest thing you will watch this week. If you need proof, my 2-year-old nephew thought it was outstanding. With each appearance of the Marveller, he proudly exclaimed, "wow!" What more evidence do you need, other than watching it yourself?

Next up on the J-movie list, AnimEigo have announced 6 new releases!

Shogun Assassin: The most famous samurai film in North America and probably most bootlegged one! You've begged us to do it for years, and we're giving it the full AnimEigo treatment - we're restoring it using our brilliant transfers of the original component films (Lone Wolf & Cub 1&2). We're literally going to replace every frame in Shogun Assassin with the exact same frames from the original films!

That sound you hear is the sound of everyone who bought the crappy bootleg editions weeping, with an overlay of gnashing of teeth from the scummy bootleggers!

Japan's Longest Day aka The Emperor and The General (1967): The best-known Japanese World War II film, it is set on August 15th, 1945, the day the Emperor announced Japan's surrender. Directed by Kihachi Okamoto (Samurai Assassin) and starring the legendary Toshiro Mifune, who plays the General, and does something you never see Mifune doing -- he commits seppuku!

A New Love in Tokyo (1994): A unique, award-winning art film that's funny, edgy, and sexy, it's the story of a morally-flexible dominatrix, who is at the same time a serious amateur actress trying to build real relationships with both her acting and sex-business acquaintances. When you need a big audience for your new play, it's always good to have a Yakuza boss as your whipping boy!

The Trail of Blood (1972), The Fearless Avenger (1973), and Slaughter in the Snow (1973): 3 action-packed, excessively bloody samurai Yakuza films (in other words, the kind you tell us you like the best!), the famed "Mikogami" series is the story of a man who tried to leave the Yakuza world, only to have his family slaughtered -- which means there's 3 films worth of villains to hunt down and dispatch!

You know why this is excellent news? Because AnimEigo really care about putting out a quality product. Their subtitles are second to none, they don't waste disk space with stupid English dubs (though even I will admit those are sometimes fun to watch for laughs), they include excellent liner notes both on the disc and in the case, their transfers are all outstanding and anamorphic-enhanced, and their film selection is great. They're the distributors of my favorite samurai film series, Lone Wolf and Cub, and they've also released some of the excellent Zatoichi films here in the States.

Still feeling the Sentai, not the Samurai? I was feeling that way yesterday. How about the entire Kamen Rider V3 series (52 eps), subtitled in English? Generation Kikaida's got it! I'd love to get this set, and at some point in time I might, but for $169.00 I have to hold off (shipping is free). Coming from someone who forked out a LOT of money for the original, complete, Macross release from AnimEigo, maybe that's a little hypocritical of me, but I am older and wiser now.

I was even considering the VR Troopers game for the Sega Genesis. That's how far I'm willing to push this Sentai kick!

I will leave you with this to ponder:

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