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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Every Extend....

Are you in need of a new game to take time away from your life? Sure you are!

From Japanese game programmer OMEGA, comes "Every Extend." It's a top- down shooter where you don't shoot... you blow yourself up. The idea is to blow yourself up and take as many of the surrounding enemies with you, in a chain-reaction. It's awesome! The game is good enough that Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q-Entertainment picked up the rights to make a PSP version (as "Every Extend Extra).

On a side note, this game, along with Lumines (also from Q-Ent), are two REALLY compelling reasons to buy a PSP, along with Wipeout Pure. These gamemakers are making it increasingly difficult to ignore Sony's overpriced handheld. Now only if they would give us a new version of the hardware. Nintendo has a revised DS on the way, where's the new PSP? Preferably for less money.

Thanks to Inverted Castle for making us gaijin aware of this game. Get the game here.

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