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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fast Food Nation....

USA Today is reporting that fast food restaurants in the US are expanding their value menus. The reason? "There's a 'negative consumer perception' of the economy."

It's always nice to see that someone in the American business world is taking a realistic look at the US economy and consumer perceptions. The economy is not doing as great as everyone would like to think, and gas is creeping back up. People don't have unlimited financial resources (not counting the credit that everyone and anyone can easily get).

There's no reason for gas to be more expensive (in fact, it should be sharply dropping with the unexpectedly mild winter this season), but it's going back up. Soon you may see another string of anti-gas articles on here again, reminiscent of the post-Katrina anti-gouging spate of articles.

That being said, cheaper fast food isn't necessarily a good thing. I've talked to nutritionists who believe differently, but the perception (which is very hard to argue against) of the average American is that fast food and junk food is easier to get and cheaper than "good foods" (like fresh produce and very lean beef). These value menu changes do little to combat that perception.

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