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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Obligatory Thursday Morning Videogames article....

In the past I've called it the "Obligatory Monday Morning Videogame Console Post," this time the title is a little simpler... and the day of the week has changed.

Poking around the internet, here's some interesting stuff:

  • Sony has been busy measuring support for an online gaming platform. What's really funny about this, for me at least, is that I'm pretty sure I got this email and deleted it as spam (not that I thought it was a fake, just didn't want to read the latest Sony mail); my bad. I've been saying for some time that Sony needs to get an online presence, ala Xbox Live. I don't know if they should follow the exact same model, but they need to have something. Having that online ability not only brings excellent new elements to games, but also brings simple stuff that should already be there, like online play. If GT4 had online play (like it was supposed to), then I'd probably still be playing that game.
  • Yesterday I linked to The Digital Bits' interview with Andy Parsons from Pioneer, and that interview has become hot news in the gaming community. He said in the interview he expects Sony to possibly move 4-7 million PS3 units this year. People have really jumped on this number, and they're putting a lot of weight behind it. While it would be excellent for Sony if they hit this target, it's extremely unlikely. We don't even know if any PS3 games are going to be ready for a launch that hasn't really been announced! How can you put a number on the amount of unit's that are going to sell? Additionally, Sony is likely to engineer artificial demand via rationing of the console, so it's possible they won't even get 7 million units to US shores this year. On top of that, the console is going to sell very well in Japan, which will create additional burden on the manufacturing process. The bottom line is that the 'net and blogosphere are just really hungry for PS3 news.
  • Satoru Iwata (from Nintendo Japan if you didn't know) has said the Revolution will be out in the US before Thanksgiving. Interesting, but not earth-shattering news. That's pretty much when we expected it. Reggie Fils-Aime also does some Nintendo evangelizing in this CNET interview.
  • Want to learn Kanji? A game using Knuckles the Enchidna (not officially) is available now. My question about this game, it's called "Knuckles in China Land;" what does that have to do with learning Japanese? Are they using Chinese or Japanese translations of the Kanji characters?
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