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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

They make those too....

Rummaging around the internet today, I stopped by the SVSound page, where I have not been in quite a while. Why not go there more often? It's like walking by the Ferrari dealership; you really want what they're selling, but right now it's just outside of your price range and you're not wanting to continually temp yourself with that which you cannot have at the moment.

If you don't know who SVS is, they're "The Sound Authority;" if you're looking to purchase a subwoofer, they're the people to buy it from. They started out selling cylindrical models, and have since integrated amps (optional) into their subs, and have released box models too. All of their models look and sound fantastic, and are built extremely well.

Now they make surround speakers. I didn't know that these were on the way, and I didn't see any CES coverage that mentioned them. I must admit, I'm very intrigued by these speakers; coming from SVS, there's a level of quality expected right from the get-go (what's with them being made in China?), the design is nice, and they look to be pretty well designed. What's more, the price on the set is FANTASTIC. $1149 for a 7.1 set with a sub? Nuts.

The problem that I have is that my speakers, from PSB, ROCK, so I've got no need to get one of these speaker packages. As much as I like to write about this stuff on this blog, I don't think that SVS is going to be ponying up a review set for me (looking at what their News page has to say, they don't have any for me to review anyway). For those of you who aren't familiar with PSB, they're a Canadian company run by a gentleman who's been designing and building speakers for most of his life. If I remember correctly, he worked for Paradigm or Klipsch or some similar speaker maker (but don't quote me on that), and then started PSB with his wife. Regardless of the backstory, what's important is that PSB speakers look great and sound amazing. Also, if I remember correctly, I spent about as much on my speaker set-up (including Yamaha sub) as SVS is charging for their setups.

So if you're in the market for a speaker set plus sub for around $1200, I would say that you should seriously think about PSB and SVS. While I can make an official endorsement for PSB, I can only guess as to how good the SVS are. And if you don't consider yourself "in the market," perhaps you should be. With the gaming systems now pushing surround sound, along with DVD and upcoming HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, it's time to get the most out of what you're watching and listening to.

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