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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Top Gear USA?....

I have in the past admitted my addiction to Top Gear TV ("Top Gear is the best show EVAR!!"), and reading tonight, apparently it's coming to the USA.

According to this article, not only is Top Gear coming to the US, but Discovery was already showing some of the episodes! I didn't know about that, which surprises me and disappoints me (since I missed out on it). They also made Jeremy re-do some lines, making it more America-friendly (that's one of the things I like about Top Gear, they don't particularly like American cars; that is, they aren't afraid to point out deficiencies).

I would have rather just had the BBC shows shown over here, but that's not to happen. One very good piece of news, they were smart enough to use The Stig to do their driving.

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