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Friday, February 24, 2006

Give 'im a chance....

There's been some attention paid lately to people who are disgruntled over the choice of the Bond, Daniel Craig. There has been a lot of speculation that it's just a ploy to get people to visit their site, which I will not list here. On top of the fact that I disagree with their stance on Daniel Craig (obviously they did not see Layer Cake), I also believe that they are just simply trying to get attention, at the expense of an actor who's done a fine job in multiple roles.

Who are these people? When Craig was first announced as Bond, BBC had a poll showing 60% support for him.

In addition to myself: Christopher Lee, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Sean Connery have all said they think Daniel Craig will make an excellent James Bond. Even Toby Stephens, the actor who played villain Gustav Graves in Die Another Day, thinks that Craig is a good choice.

Why aren't the protesting Eva Green's selection as the new Bond girl? Or the obviously Italian-inspired DBS design?

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