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Sunday, February 05, 2006

If you're undecided on what to get me for my birthday....

As the title says, if you're still stuck on what to get me, your favorite Uncle Jason, for my birthday, here's an idea.

It's a Ferrari Clock! It features an LCD readout which has the time, date, and even the weather. Made by Oregon Scientific, it takes its design inspiration from a Ferrari speedo and dashboard. Of course, the prancing horse logo is also present.

It also features a "HiGlo" backlight, so you can tell what time it is in the middle of the night. Featuring an eight-minute sleep snooze, it would even increase my productivity (since I'm accustomed to a nine minute interval)! And with the handy indoor and outdoor weather readouts, productivity increases will also be realized via improved trip anticipation and planning.
Definitely a winner!

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