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Monday, February 20, 2006

MORE HINOI Team Goodness!!!!

You knew it was coming, and I know you need it. More HINOI Team! A little something to help you get through the long weekend.

If you missed the previous coverage (two of the most popular posts on this blog), check out Night of Fire and Hinoi Team Goodness.

First off is a live performance of "Ike Ike." I believe this is from the "Music Fighter Live" TV show, and they do a pretty good job with the performance.

Next up is Korikki and HINOI Team visiting Utaban (which I think is the TV show's title). It's a variety show, where they're performing Night of Fire. It's funny to see the hosts' reaction to the song.

Next up are two vids from "Top Hit 20" (which I think is the name of the TV show, but I might be wrong). Top Hit 20 seems to be some sort of music/variety show, maybe in the vein of TRL in the US; I don't really know. The first is HINOI Team performing the song "Scream"from GLAYxExile. I don't know who the woman singing with them is. This vid is pretty funny when you remember that the HINOI Team girls are much younger than they look.

Next up from "Top Hit 20" is HINOI Team performing "Glamorous Sky" from Nana w/Mika Nakashima. This vid has some funny stuff in it, and is fairly short.

This video has also showed up on Google Video, and is labeled HINOI Team, but unless I'm very wrong, the person who labeled this vid as HINOI Team with Korikki was incorrect. I don't know who it is, but I don't think it's HINOI Team. That being said, the covers of the three songs they do are pretty good.

I'll have more HINOI Team in the near future.

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