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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Sentai Surprise....

For those readers in the US, this weekend is a 3-day weekend, so why not enjoy another Sentai Surprise?

The last time around, it was "Saturday Sentai Surprise," and that's what it would have been this time, only I forgot to post this yesterday. Sorry, my bad.

For this installment of Sentai Surprise*, you get... the first episode of Kamen Rider Black!

Originally shown in Japan in 1987, Kamen Rider Black is one of the most well-regarded of the various Kamen Rider series (known as Masked Rider in the US and many other English-speaking territories). Very dark, and pretty darn cool, it was a change from what had been done before; you can decide whether or not it was successful.

In case you missed last week's Sentai Surprise, Rolling Bomber Special, be sure to check it out. If you watched it, and had no idea what was going on, have no fear! I've found this clip that has a subtitle translation track on it (the video quality isn't as good as the version with Japanese subs, but if you don't "hablo the nihongo," it should prove helpful).

And if you missed the Toei- produced Spiderman show, be sure you don't miss that. It's FANTASTIC!

* Sentai means "team" in Japanese. To call Kamen Rider "sentai" is actually incorrect, a term which would be more accurate for describing the show's genre is "tokusatsu." This is a shortened term referring to "tokushu satsuei," which means "special photography" or special effects. When you use "sentai" to refer to this type of show's genre, most people will understand it as "tokusatsu," unless they're either: a) fluent in Japanese, or b) such a crazy geek they can't forgive a misuse of "sentai" in place of "tokusatsu," in which case you probably wouldn't get too far in a conversation with them anyway.

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