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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Worried about Vista?....

You did know that Windows Vista is supposed to be coming out this year, right? Yesterday Microsoft announced the various versions of Vista that will be available, with six versions in total.

I am very enthusiastic about Vista coming out. Mostly that's because I wasn't disappointed with XP, like many people tried to say everyone would be. Before XP come out I was able to go to Microsoft, try the OS out, and even get an early copy. It was a huge leap over Win98, and that's what I'm hoping Vista will be, a huge leap over XP.

There seems to be a lot of improvements made to navigating around the desktop, and there's a lot of graphics updates, all of which are welcome changes. Extreme Tech has put together an very good slideshow, "Why Vista Won't Suck;" you should take a look at it.

Let the Mac references begin.

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