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Sunday, March 26, 2006

From uncharted regions of the universe....

... comes a legend.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe!!!

Yes, I've come back from the dead to bring you all this piping hot piece of juicy info! has a Countdown to V-Day (shouldn't it be something more like "V-D Day" for Voltron-DVD Day? Wait...V-D Day...), which expires on Thursday, the 30th.

Exactly what that means, I don't know. But they do reference a possible DVD release in their flash intro. Or maybe they're going to say something about the IMDB listed 2008 release date for the Voltron movie. Voltron stock is up .88% today on the news.

I've probably had a Voltron DVD release come up in casual conversation 5 times in the last couple months. They must have tapped my phone line. Or bugged my house. Or maybe bugged my clothes.

If you aren't familiar with Voltron, check out this clip from VH-1's "I love the 80s." It may jog your memory.

When I'm feeling better, articles and posts will become normal again.

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