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Monday, March 20, 2006

If only I had....

... I don't even know how much money!!

What could be so expensive that not even I could place a price tag on it? None other than Eleanor, of course.

I've always thought the beefy Mustangs from the late 60s, like the GT 500, looked incredible. These GiSS Mustangs are some of the best (lookers) ever.

Reading the description, they don't really tell you what you get. There were 12 cars made for the film, and at least 2 were destroyed. There were multiple models, which all were geared toward specific purposes. So if you were to try to buy this car, or perhaps more accurately, if you were looking at this internet page/ad and were thinking about buying this car, wouldn't you be wondering just what you were getting? Am I getting the "handling" version or the "power" version?

Of course the old adage, "if there's no price, then it's too much," very much applies here.

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