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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Seth Stevenson is whipped....

Have you ever talked to a guy, and just by attentively listening to his opinion on things, you can tell he's whipped?

Take Seth Stevenson, a writer for Slate. He recently put together an article examining VW's new "Make Friends with Your Fast" ad campaign. I personally think the campaign is fantastic. The campaign is so good in fact, I've seriously considered getting one of these VW GTIs. Me thinking about getting a hatchback! That just doesn't happen within the confines of reality; at least it doesn't without this excellent ad campaign. In fact, I think VW's ad companies are really firing on all 6 cylinders with their GTI ads. And the car has F1-style paddle shifters. My "Fast" likes that.

Mr. Stevenson takes issue with the advertisements, saying he liked the older, more harmonious ads from VW's old ad agency, Arnold Worldwide (which I admit, some of them were very good, but they haven't been good for a long time; the last one I liked was the drive through New Orleans set to music).

Mr. Stevenson says these kinds of ads,
"... exhibit: an adversarial stance toward women; a thoughtless disregard for societal harmony; supremely awful taste in food and clothing; and general boneheadedness."
It's tough to argue with his point about horrible taste in food and clothes. I regularly look down on people my age who dress terribly and eat too much fast food; but that's because I'm an elitist asshole, not because I'm a cranky, ornery old man. I'm a quintessential part of the 18-34 demographic (though I'm not a member of the 24 and under demo many of these ads he takes issue with are directed at), and I like these ads.

"An adversarial stance toward women" and "a thoughtless disregard for societal harmony?!" This is what hits the nail on the head; someone who is not whipped does not make statements like that. Seth addresses the fictional character from the ad, telling him that it's his testosterone, not his "Fast" that the guy is making friends with. Again, c'mon. A guy telling another guy something to the effect of, "you've got too much testosterone going, buddy. You need to cool it." WHIPPED? Hell yeah.

In all honesty, I'm joking. I think Stevenson does a great job critiquing commercials, and I enjoy his articles. His article on body spray ads was very good. I just felt like this would be a fun article to point out and joke about. Seth, if you read this, no disrespect intended.

Here are links to the commercials, ranked in the order I like them.
And I empathize with guys who are whipped like that... ok, that I can't really say is true.

Speaking of "Fast," this is what my "Fast" wants. And I want one of those little "Fast" guys to stick in my car (Crispin Porter + Bogusky, are you listening?).

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